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I am always looking for resources & tools that enable me to accomplish my mission more effectively. Sometimes this search includes creating resources of my own. All of these can be found below.

Resources From Ethan



LetsG3 models and motivates God's people to Gather biblically, Grow spiritually, and Go confidently as witnesses to the world. G3.TOOLS and G3.TRAINING is the beginning of this effort and makes the most practical resources easily accessible and sharable.

You can visit these sites by clicking the button below or share them by typing in or into your browser.

Reading Through The "Our Father"

The Our Father (AKA The Lord's Prayer) is the only prayer directly commanded in scripture. How then do we pray it? This is the question I answer as we look at exactly how you can incorporate the Our Father into your daily devotions using resources from The Discovery Bible.

See What's Lost In Translation Training Series

Translations are never perfect. That's why a tool like The Discovery Bible brings so much value to the Bible reader. In this 5 part video series, I show you exactly how you can start seeing what's lost in translation as you read the Bible and have a deeper Bible reading experience.

Bible Reading with The Discovery Bible (Webinars)

In these live webinar recordings, I give an overview of how The Discovery Bible can impact your Bible reading. There are 3 sessions: 1) Reading the New Testament, 2) Reading the Old Testament, and 3) questions from the audience.

Other Resources

The following resources have not been developed by myself, but they play each play valuable roles in my mission.

Youth For Christ Tools

Youth for Christ also promotes the use of simple gospel tools to enable mission-minded believers to go into the harvest as the Lord's worker. You can these tools at

The Discovery Bible

The Discovery Bible itself is the tool used in many of the resources I create. You can start your own 14 day, free trial of The Discovery Bible by clicking the button below.

#NoPlaceLeft Commands Of Christ

The Commands of Christ is a self-guided study plan through one of #NoPlaceLeft's Simple Tools, The Church Circle. This study guide sets a great foundation for any new believer.

Reasonable Faith's EQUIP Project

Learn how to answer the tough questions posed against Christianity with the help of William Lane Craig and his ministry Reasonable Faith. Any believer interested in apologetics will be blessed by their EQUIP Project.

The Global Harvest Tools

Similar to #NoPlaceLeft, The Global Harvest is a network providing tools to encourage and enable every member of the Body of Christ to participate in making disciples. Their tools include one's similar to #NoPlaceLeft as well as some bigger, more all encompassing guides.

Discovery Bible Study

This is one of the guides provided by the Global Harvest. A Discovery Bible Study (no connection to The Discovery Bible) is a great starting place for any new Bible reader or study leader. Look for answers to simple questions in God's work so you can know him better.

Movements/NoPlaceLeft Training

Steve Addison has meaningfully organised many of the #NoPlaceLeft training videos on his website, These trying videos are highly recommended for anyone wanting to take the #NoPlaceLeft Simple Tools to the next level. is one of the biggest Bible resource websites in the world. With around 20 Million hits a month, you can look Bible translations, Interlinears, commentaries, and so much more. This is a go for anyone wanting a better understanding of scripture.

Ethan Tripodi is a missionary with Youth for Christ Australia and his mission role is made possible through the prayer and financial support from individuals and organisations just like you.

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