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New Plans! (+ Getting Ready For America)

My trip to America has been pending for almost 2 years now and a lot can change over that kind of time. With the United States open to individuals like myself, I am now getting ready to land in West Plains, Missouri to continue my work with The Discovery Bible Project as well as seek new opportunities with local churches.

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Ethan Tripodi

Monday, May 08, 2023

For almost 2 years now I’ve been hopefully and patiently waiting to land in Bloomington, Illinois, the home base of The Discovery Bible Project.

2 years though is a long time and it’s not hard for priorities to change as situations evolve and new information is gathered.

Now there is a New Plan.

The Discovery Bible Project wants me to go to West Plains, Missouri, where I can continue my work with them alongside another volunteer named David.

David is a very “tech-savvy” guy, and we have a number of goals we will be working towards, especially as it relates to The Discovery Bible’s websites and online administration.

I want to make the most of this time though.

That is why after landing in West Plains I also intend to look for churches and pastors I can partner with in the work God is already doing locally.

This could be with the in-depth Bible reading content from The Discovery Bible Project, or it could involve the use of Harvest Australia’s disciple-making tools.

West Plains is going to be new ground. I am confident though that God will provide new relationships and ministry opportunities as I continue to pray and seek His will.

Please continue to pray about me as I go through this transition period.

Ethan Tripodi is a missionary with Youth for Christ Australia and his mission role is made possible through the prayer and financial support from individuals and organisations just like you.

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