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New Partnership! Disciple-making With The Global Harvest

It’s been in the works for several weeks now, but I am now ready to announce my new partnership with Harvest Australia (AKA The Global Harvest). They are an organisation using similar strategies to other “Disciple-Making Movements” and are an answer to prayer for what I have felt is lacking in my discipleship ministry.

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Ethan Tripodi

Saturday, April 22, 2023

A year ago I was in Uganda, Africa, training pastors and church leaders in devotional habits and in-depth Bible reading and teaching. I had the privilege of meeting dozens of pastors, fellowshipping with their churches, and providing resources with The Discovery Bible Team so these students could continue to grow.

However, it was around this time that God started speaking to me about something seriously lacking in my ministry.

The discipleship I led was one that informed the mind, but it didn’t necessarily inspire people to participate in the gospel - they were generally already doing that.

What was I meant to do with believers that God so deeply loves, yet who did not have this motivation to be part of The Great Commission?

This is where Harvest Australia comes in.

Members of this organisation helped me realise how simple and attainable evangelism and discipleship could be through the use of simple gospel tools.

Tools like, The 3 Circles, The Church Circle, Discovery Bible Study, and more, gave me a way to meet people where they are at.

Now, I work alongside Harvest Australia almost everyday to engage with young people who have an interest in the Gospel. I get to play a pastoral, shepherd like role that guides people to their calling in the body of Christ.

I have come to call this, “Discipleship That Activates”, as opposed to “Discipleship That Informs”, which is how I would describe my main focus over the last 3 years.

Both are important!

Discipleship That Informs would to take have our knowledge and understanding take the same shape as the truth of the gospel. Discipleship That Activates would be to play our role in the gospel.

I’m excited to work with Harvest Australia and look forward to sharing more updates about the young people we see activated to make disciples

Ethan Tripodi is a missionary with Youth for Christ Australia and his mission role is made possible through the prayer and financial support from individuals and organisations just like you.

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