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Breaking Ground In Uganda [+ New Country Challenges]

Join me in Africa as we embark on an incredible journey! Bible Bootcamps in Kampala, printing and translating resources, and reaching more churches with The Discovery Bible. Stay tuned for updates as we trust God to make it great!

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Ethan Tripodi

Monday, January 31, 2022

I'm in Africa!

I’ve landed here in Uganda with The Discovery Bible team and we are ready for the next several months to be fruitful and powerful.
Here’s the plan:

  • Bible Bootcamps In Kampala
  • ​​​​​More Churches and More Discovery Bibles.
  • ​​​We Shall Overcome: Printing and Translating.

Let’s go…

“Class is in session!” - Bible Boot Camps In Uganda

God has opened numerous doors enabling us to train church leaders throughout Kampala (the main city area of Uganda, Africa). For the most part, these are leaders who will never have the opportunity to learn at Bible College the kind of content The Discovery Bible has to offer.

Over the next several months, we will teach at least 10,000 people how to read the Bible, how to teach it, as well as how to sustain a meaningful, devotional life. These leaders will then take what they learn back to their churches to continue deepening their discipleship.

We Shall Overcome… By Printing And Translating

I expected this to happen, but I didn’t realise how important it would really be.

As some of you would know, a most of my ministry experience has been in the western world. In general, people have access to some form of technology, the internet can often be relied on, and at least in the places I’ve been, most people speak English.

These things are not the case in Uganda.

The further you go outside of Kampala, the less common technology gets, and even those with smartphones will often be limited in the internet data they have and space left on their phone.

This has made downloading The Discovery Bible onto people’s phones quite a task.

On top of that, though many speak English, not everyone has the same reading ability, making some of our resources a bit difficult to understand.

Our solution… Print and Translate!

For the rest of our time here in Uganda, we’ll be making an effort to pull certain resources out of The Discovery Bible to be printed into physical devotionals.

Then we’ll be getting those translating into the local languages like Luganda, Rukiga, Swahili, etc.

Keep praying about us as we look for the finances to achieve this!

More Churches And More Discovery Bibles

Despite the technological difficulty, we still want pastors here in Kampala to be blessed with The Discovery Bible.

Now that we’ve been settled for a month we’re going to be visiting different churches and meeting with pastors to look for more training opportunities.

With their help, we believe we will be able to find more and more churches where leaders and Bible readers can go deeper with The Discovery Bible.

This is just the beginning.

And… scene!

That's it for the first month of 2022 and we look forward to the many more fruitful months to come here in Africa.

I’ll make sure to keep you updated on how these projects go. This is definitely new ground for me but I’m trusting God to make it great!

Ethan Tripodi is a missionary with Youth for Christ Australia and his mission role is made possible through the prayer and financial support from individuals and organisations just like you.

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