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Bible Seminars Hit Rural Uganda - A Town Called Mpara

Africa Harvest Mission is going ahead with substantial crusade this month. The evenings and nights will consist of preaching and a call to the gospel. During the day is where I come in.

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Ethan Tripodi

Saturday, April 30, 2022

I’ve been serving in Uganda for more than 4 months now with The Discovery Bible Team and God continues to be faithful and send more opportunities.

However, with this comes a much greater demand and responsibility.

In just 8 days, we will begin preaching, teaching, and resourcing for 5 days straight in Mpara (rural Uganda) and we need your help to make it happen.

When you partner with us, here is what you’re contributing to:

Feeding of 1000+ people over 5 days

People travel from very far to come to these events. Training and resources can be so rare for them so our partners provide housing through local churches.

Along with a place to sleep though, they need food to eat.

We’ve been asked to raise $1137 so that those attending can be fed over the 5 days during our training sessions.

Printing and translating of 7000 booklets

Not only will we be teaching for a total of 10 hours, but we’ll be donating up to 7000 booklets that those attending can take with them back to their churches.

Since they travel so far, we want to provide as much value as possible.

There are 3 different training booklets we’ll be providing: The Mission of the Church (3000 copies), The Meaning of Prayer (2000 copies), and How to pray through the Lord’s Prayer (2000 copies).

Half of these will be in English, and the other half will be in Luganda.

The total cost of these will be $1752 (that’s 22 cents per booklet!) and we're hoping God lays it on your heart to help pay for them!

Finally... our accommodation and transport

This event is 4 hours away from us and we need help going there, staying there, and coming home.

This was an unexpected cost, but we believe God will provide it.

We need:

A driver, car, and fuel to pick us up and drop us off.
A driver, car, and fuel while in Mpara.
A place to stay and food to eat for 5 nights.

With the help of some local people, we’ve been able to get this cost down to just $630.

In total that’s $3660 and we’ve already raised $650!

Thank you for trusting me and The Discovery Bible Teamwith what God has entrusted to you. It is money that will be well invested and help bless many people.

Ethan Tripodi is a missionary with Youth for Christ Australia and his mission role is made possible through the prayer and financial support from individuals and organisations just like you.

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